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With myth as the engine, Penelope unfolds in the imposing landscape of the heart of Catalonia as a Catalan version of Homer's Odyssey, where waiting is the engine of individuals but also of an entire people.

Penelope is Carme, the centenarian seamstress from the small village of Santa Maria d'Oló (Moianès). She has sewn and unstitched the threads of an entire village. It has the character of a hard but felt generation.

Ulysses is Ramon de ca la Nissa, he returns to the village after years of absence. One last journey whose meaning , beyond what he has lived, is the return to a homeland and a way of life.

Elliptical and twilight version of Homer's Odyssey. The Penelope in this story is called Carmen, she has the character of a hard but heartfelt generation, and she waits in Santa María de Oló. Ulysses is Ramon, who returns to the village after thirty years of absence. A last journey whose end, beyond what has been lived, is the return to a homeland and a way of life that will be extinguished with them.

Genre Hybrid Fiction


Duration 96 minutes.

Directed by Eva Vila

Screenplay by Pep Puig, Eva Vila

International co-production Araki Films / Poland Studio / TVC with the support of Eurimages, ICEC and ICAA

Executive production Monika Derenda and Eva Vila

Production management Sandra Garcia

Director of Photography Julián Elizalde

Live sound Amanda Villavieja and Eva Valiño

Voices Anna Subirana, Alejandra Barber

Sound design by Juan Sánchez 'Cuti' and Radoslaw Ochnio

Editing Diana Toucedo

Fixed Film Postproduction

Noucinemart distribution

International distribution : Zolty szalik

Artistic file Carme Tarte Vilardell, Ramon Clotet Sala





Sevilla International European Film Festival. Official Section ..

D 'A Film Festival, Barcelona.

Guadalajara International Film Festival, Mexico.

London Spanish Film Festival. Special Mention, UK.

Catalan Film Festival. Massachusetts. USA.

Harvard University. Boston. USA

Gdynia Film Festival. Warsaw, Poland.


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