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In a year of mass protests around the world, Spain is the scene of two general strikes against the government's austerity plans: March 29 and November 14


Shot and directed by:

Ignacio Acconcia

Cristina Alonso

Garbiñe Armentia

Irene Bartolomé

Daniel Calderon

Gabriel Casanova

Nerea Castro

Yoojin Choi

Angelica Clavijo

Xabier Crespo

Gaetano Crivaro

Débora De Sá

Santiago D. Risco

Dario Ferraro

Sergi Ferrés

Víctor Forniés

Marta Gil

Natalia Gualy

Tania Hernandez

Marina Lameiro

Albert Margalef

Raúl M. Candela

Pablo Martínez

Pere March

Lluís Nadal

Cristòfol Oliver

Helga Rakel Rafnsdóttir

Pol Roig

David Rojas

Cristina Rubio

Andrés Santamaría

Laura Sorribas

Daniel Touati

Ainara Vera

Victor Kossakovsky

UPF Producer Delegate

Jordi Balló

UPF Executive Production

Eva Vila

IDEC-UPF coordination

Oscar Olivas

Sound Mixing

Juan Sánchez “Cuti”

Post-Production Color Editing

Federico Delpero

Design Graphics

Diana Vera


Fiona Camilleri


“Dom Quixote” by Ludwig Minkus
performed by Sofia National Opera
conducted by Nayden Tudorov
Loaned by Naxos Records

Thanks to
Pere Cuadrado
Ester Quintana
Jorge Cabot
Marta Andreu
Llapart Ocularistas
Barcelona Television. BTV
Gran Teatre del Liceu
Parliament of Catalonia
Medical Emergency System (SEM)
Eye Association with your Eye
CGT (General Confederation of Labor)
CCOO (Workers' Commissions)
Figtree Studios
CRAI Library of the Poblenou UPF Communication Campus
staff of IDEC-UPF


IDFA. International Doc Film festival Amsterdam.

ArtDocFest. Man, Russia.

MOMA's International Festival of Nonfiction Film and Media. Documentary Fortnight.

True / False Film Fest. Columbia, Missouri.

HOTDOCS. Canadian International Film Festival, Toronto, Canada.

Planet + DOC FILM FESTIVAL. Warsaw, Poland.

Docudays UA. International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival.

DocVille. Belgium.

Sydney Film Festival. Australia.

Open City Doc Fest.

New Zealand International Film Festival. Auckland-Wellington.


TIDF. Taiwan International Doc Fest. Taipei-Taiwan.

Walking Festival.

In a year of mass protests around the world, Spain is the scene of two general strikes against the government's austerity plans: on March 29 and November 14. In Barcelona, protesters gather in various parts of the city and police use rubber bullets to control them. Shops and offices close, some of their own free will, others forced by events. During this period, the ballet Don Quixote by Ludwig Minkus was performed at the Teatre del Liceu.

In the two days of the general strike, 32 students of the Master in Documentary Creation at Pompeu Fabra University take to the streets with their cameras to record the events from different points of view, following the instructions of Russian director Victor Kossakovsky. The result is a "ballet film" in which the characters, sounds and situations encountered are combined with Minkus' music in a revealing mix that produces an unpredictable effect.

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