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A city that is beginning to hear The sound of an invisible community A journey to rediscover Barcelona through music


Directed by Eva Vila

Editing Pol Ponsarnau


Camera Operators Carlos Vázquez, Susanna Sanz, Pol Ponsarnau, Eva Vila

Live sound Amanda Villavieja, Gemma Montasell, Phillipos Vardakas, Manu Robles Present Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona City Council, Ramon Llull Institute, and Eix Films

Production Axis Films, Araki Films

Post-production image Carlos Rufete / sound Oriol Cuspinera.

Subtitles William Bain

In B-Side, two worlds come together to understand each other: the city and music. Barcelona: an inhabited space that begins to hear the sound of an invisible community. The musicians: Those who are not talked about. Contemporary music, experimentalists, jazz… sounds in the shadows that resonate in the city of dance. For a year a small film crew has lived with the musicians the creative processes that take place before the curtain opens. The magic lost by the backstage audience. The path traveled before the final interpretation. Rehearsals, recordings, exams,

the study, the bar conversations, the looks… that B-Side has captured in an intuitive, ephemeral and trembling way… arising from improvisation, as if it were a listener or spectator absorbed in the present moment he is leaving the traces of the emotions inscribed in the film of his memory. Like a piece of music, B-Side weaves different stories that appear and disappear, that resonate and contaminate each other until they end up building a new collective history: the B side of music in Barcelona.

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