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David's challenge is to cross the city doing parkour without touching the ground.  He is in a hurry to create a new map of Barcelona before his grandma Rosa’s health worsens. The hidden forces of the city are watching them. Through the intertwined stories of five characters of the film

we see a sustainable community capable of connecting their decisions

with their actions.


Running time 94 min.

Direction and script: Eva Vila

Production : Mónica Blas

Delegate Producer: Jordi Balló 

Audience Design: Isona Admetlla

Green manager: Amanda de Luís

DOP: Julián Elizalde

Sound: Amanda Villavieja

Editing: Ana Pfaff

Produced by    ARAKI FILMS     

With  RTVE - Televisión Española

CCMA-Televisió de Catalunya

With the support of Institut de les Empreses Culturals -ICEC, ICAA -Ministerio de España, European Climate Foundation, Planetary Wellbeing , Torino GreenLab

Suported by  Master en Documental 

de Creación de la UPF

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